H2020 partner search in SC1-PM-02-2017

Nikola Benin


NewPas New methods of Patient stratification for personalized therapeutic solutions.


PS ID: PS-IL-101558
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 25/07/2016
Date of Publication: 25/07/2016


Proposal Outline:

HORIZON 2020 Health, demographic change and well-being

SC1-PM-02-2017: New concepts in patient stratification

(RIA) 40.0     04 Oct 2016 (First stage) 11 Apr 2017 (Second stage)

Specific Challenge: Despite the major advances in understanding disease in the post-genomic era, still a majority of all drugs are effective in only a limited number of patients. From a clinical perspective, implementingknowledge-based decisions on what therapeutics to use for which patients and, if relevant, in which combinations, are extremely challenging. The aspiration to provide more effective therapeutic interventions tailored to the individual or groups of individuals with common molecular phenotypes remains unfulfilledbecause of the variable response of individuals to such interventions.


The proposed project will research and deliver new methods for disease-mechanism based patient stratification to address the needs for stratified or personalized therapeutic interventions. The proposals will develop new methods and implement them by integrated software system that will provide solutions to analyze multidimensional and longitudinal data from multiple sources, using areas like pharmacogenomics, systems biomedicine, big data analysis and computational modeling.

The new methods will support the development of improved targeted therapies, optimizing the intervention to individual patients, thus facilitating achievement of a greater success in treating or curing the patients.

The system and the process that will demonstrate new concepts of stratification will be validated in pre-clinical and clinical studies in 3 different locations, taking into account sex and gender differences. The system will befocused on addressing 3 complex diseases having high prevalence and possibly will also have high economic impact.

In the case of success system can in future be gradually improved by SMEs participated in the project by future developments to address main complex diseases.

The system design and implementation will comply with the regulatory aspects needed for clinical practice. The companies and SMEs participated in the system development will benefit from detailed plans for commercialization opportunities.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2842114


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