IDEA CAMP 2017: Moving Communities


You can now apply for ECF’s third Idea Camp that will take place in March 2017. Deadline to apply is 20 September 2016.


We are living and working in an increasingly complex

environment. Across Europe and its neighbouring

countries, more and more people are confronted

with discrimination and exclusion on a daily basis –

whether economically, politically or culturally. As a

result, societies are becoming increasingly fragmented,

extremism is on the rise, and the divisions between

people – and between individuals and institutions – are

growing ever wider.

Focus of the Idea Camp 2017

Moving Communities

Through this Call for Ideas, ECF acknowledges the urgency to support

creative and critical ideas that draw on cultural practices to help create

a society with greater solidarity and equality – and a stronger sense of

social justice. We believe that empowering people is the best route to

counterbalancing narratives of fear, cynicism and disaster. An idea is of

course ‘just’ an idea – the very first spark of imagination, the very first

step towards future action. Taking diverse and sometimes unexpected

paths, the ideas, however, incorporate genuine and realistic visions.

We invite you to apply for Idea Camp 2017 with an idea that:

• brings forward voices that are excluded from public debate and


• has an open approach to the way people can learn, share and live


• applies a critical perspective to what could be a more accessible and

inclusive society

• strengthens the vision and practice of shared communities and


• builds bridges across differing perspectives to help counter harmful

public discourse

• contributes to discussions about genuine integration opportunities

and people’s rights and accountability.

• fosters political imagination and promotes social justice, solidarity

and equity among various social groups.

Your idea might reflect one or several of the issues aforementioned.

Opportunities and application


Following the Call for Ideas, 50 participants will be selected according

to the guidelines outlined below. ECF will cover travel costs and all

expenses related to the stay in Spain during the Idea Camp for a

maximum of one representative for each idea.

After the Idea Camp, participants will be invited to submit a concrete

plan for further research or investigation of their ideas. A total of 25

proposals will be selected and consequently awarded an R&D Grant,

up to a maximum of €10,000 each.

The R&D Grant will enable the research and development of, for

example, business plans, concrete project proposals, prototypes,

research papers, media reports etc.

To get an idea of the R&D grantees from last year, visit:

If you want to connect online with other change makers and talk about

what is going on in Europe, join ECF Labs ( Each

Lab is an open space where people meet around a specific topic. Don’t

miss to check these Labs: B/ORDERS (about migration), Hacking the

Veil (about how migrants are represented in mainstream media) and

Occupolitics (about new democratic movements).

About ECF’s Idea Camp

ECF believes in bold alternatives provided by citizens through their

local cultural initiatives. At this time of transition, ECF invests in these

local initiatives to help them to become enduring solutions to the

challenges facing our continent. Europe as a shifting ‘home’ of changing

communities – where people can live together in solidarity, accepting

their differences – is an urgent priority in ECF’s focus over the coming


Entitled Moving Communities, Idea Camp 2017 will focus on the current

positive, radical resistance movements that are daring to counteract

political and public extremist and anti-democratic practices.

Based on the values of sharing, inclusion and openness, ECF’s Idea Camp

brings together 50 participants whose emerging, groundbreaking ideas

– working through culture – demonstrate a firm desire to contribute

to building a society characterised by greater solidarity, equality and

sustainability. It offers participants a unique opportunity to meet peers

from diverse backgrounds and with different visions from across Europe

and its neighbouring countries.

During a three-day programme of talks, workshops, collective

discussions and one-to-one working sessions, the Idea Camp provides

an inspirational environment for refining ideas and catalysing

collaborations and partnerships that transcend borders and combine

expertise. The Idea Camp also brings together a wider audience

including local citizens and organisations, policy-makers, journalists,

foundation representatives, striving to involve them in a genuine debate

on change and democratic renewal.


The call is open to individuals and representatives of collectives/

organisations who are:

• from the private, public or civil sector and bring a fresh, cultural

and critical perspective to their practice

• based or active in EU/EFTA member states and in the wider

European neighbourhood (Please take a look at the full list of

eligible countries in the text box)

Applicants (whether individuals or representatives) can submit only

ONE idea and therefore only one representative from each collective/

organisation can attend the Idea Camp.

Ideas must be submitted in English and attendees must have a

comfortable proficiency in English in order to participate in the Idea


Selection criteria


Your idea relates to the overall focus Moving Communities. Involving

culture and the commons, it contributes to a more inclusive society

where people with various backgrounds and origins can live together

and learn from each other.

Clear vision

Your idea is creative and daring. It takes a fresh approach to

counterbalancing divided societies and helps to build bridges. Your idea

should be expressed in a clear and energetic manner.

Cross-sectoral outreach and collaboration

Your idea involves different sectors of society using innovative and open

cultural methods and/or partnerships.

Local urgency and European relevance

Your idea actively addresses an urgent issue in relation to Moving

Communities, engaging people on a offline and/or online level. It is

important that the theme of your proposal is relevant to wider European


Significant and sustainable impact

Through collaborations with the people involved, your idea has the

potential to make a sustainable and significant impact.

Implementation potential

Your idea has the potential to be implemented, and you and your

proposed partners (if any) should be able to clearly demonstrate that

you have the capacity to implement it.



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