Nikola Benin. PARTNER SEARCH The project is a follow up of Alpine Pearls


The project is a follow up of Alpine Pearls. The project idea came from the consideration that Mediterranean sea has been the cradle of western civilization hence all towns in the Mediterranean area are particularly rich rich of history (old town centers are filled with monuments and culture) and most of them are located in beautiful areas coupled with a beautiful climate
The Mediterranean Pearls project wants to create a network among Mediterranean towns or PMI to apply to the next Med call because we think that we can enhance local development developing a new kind of tourism that gives value to environmental and cultural assets of towns involved.
We would like to establish the network as soon as possible to develop the project in cooperation with all the members.
We plan to promote:
Holiday activities centered on health and fitness, ranging from general well-being to mild sporting pursuits such as sightseeing, hiking, cycling, backpacking, Nordic walking and horseback riding.
Discovery-vacations: phototourism, bird-watching, orienteering, environmental awareness.
Holidays in relaxing environments or in places that offer true peace and quiet.
Opportunities to attain a direct contact with nature through walking, hiking, mountain-biking or horseback riding.
Opportunities for non-motorized navigation/boating of rivers and other waterways.
Specialized vacations for families with young children.
Theme-based, active vacations that combine natural sights with locally-produced foods
If you’re interested in developing the project you can write me an email at, you can reach on Skype georges_dalle or phone me +393386139470


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