Factories of the Future Conference 2016

Nikola Benin

This is your opportunity to learn more about what Europe is doing to transform European manufacturing through research and innovation. Register now!

The Factories of the Future Conference 2016: Materialising Factories 4.0 will bring together Europe’s leading experts in industrial research and innovation to debate major priorities for the future of manufacturing in Europe. The conference will be held on 15-16 September 2016 inBrussels, Belgium.

  • Conference Themes:
  1. Digital Technologies & the Factory Floor
  2. Energy & Material Efficiency
  3. Digital Technologies & Networked Factories
  4. Human-Centred Manufacturing
  5. Data Security, Liability & Integrity in Connected Factories
  6. Product Life-Cycle Management & Business Models in a Product-Service Economy
  7. High Precision Manufacturing
  8. High-Performance Computing & Simulation
  9. Additive Manufacturing
  10. Next Generation Robotics & Mechatronics in Manufacturing

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