H2020 partner search in EE-06-2016-2017

Nikola Benin

Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy: EPORE – Energy Poverty Reduction in Eastern Europe


PS ID: PS-DE-101391
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 11/08/2016
Date of Publication: 11/08/2016
Call Identifier: H2020-EE-2016-2017
Evaluation Scheme: One Step
Closure Date: 15/09/2016


Proposal Outline:

EPORE aims at supporting clearly defined groups of vulnerable consumers in tackling fuel poverty by facilitating more sustainable energy behavior and choices in their everyday life. It aims also at achieving structural changes of national policies to specifically address fuel poverty and include the transfer of best practices for the active engagement of vulnerable consumers.

EPORE will improve energy efficiency programmes especially in Eastern European countries, where there is a large stock of Soviet-era communal buildings / apartment blocks. Many buildings fall into the lowest energy efficiency categories and by implementing simple and cheap measures substantial long term savings can be achieved. In the Baltic countries, many buildings are supplied by district heating systems. It has long been recognised that such building stock often suffers from poor energy efficiency, and exacerbates problems of energy affordability.

Project outputs: 1) creation of new working positions called “energy scanners”, lower educated and long-term unemployed people trained to undertake an energy screening of the energy situation of a household, in whihc the household receive energy tips and energy saving devices, 2) guideline for addressing fuel poverty definition, condition and transfer of best practice (delivered to national policy-makers), 3) manual with tailored scheme of incentives in three specific selected region, 4) pilot actions in the three areas and condition/improvements monitoring after 12 months. EPORE target groups: 1) vulneranle consumers in Eastern Europe affected by energy poverty, 2) national policy-makers in the pilot actions area. Project results: 1) definition and characterization of energy poverty issue in the consortium countries, 2) raising awareness about energy efficiency and energy poverty¬† thanks to the training and the creation of “energy scanners”, 3) definition and customization of territorial scheme of incentives in the consortium regions, 4) implementation of the pilot actions, 5) capitalization, communication and dissemination.


Required skills and expertise of partner(s):

EPORE project is looking for the following partners skills: energy efficiency analysis, energy poverty analysis, energy incentives knowledge, consumer attitude analysis, energy poverty best practice development, dwelling and tenure analysis, energy grants and loan experts.

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought:

The partners will be involved in the project in a balance way. The work will be divided in the following task: 1) development of a training strategy for the creation of new working positions called “energy scanners”, 2) fuel poverty analysis in terms of tailored definition, criteria for characterization, 3) individuation of best practices and inclusion in the guideline, 4) elaboration of a regional scheme for incentives, 5) pilot actions implementation in three areas. Further tasks are related to the project results communication.

Type of partner(s) sought:

Consumer organizations, policy-makers, regional energy authority, energy experts, research institute, secondary training institute, best practice sharing partners.

Where? Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium.


Organisation:Cleopa GmbH
Type of Organisation:
Industry – SME

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