Writing “A Project idea”

Author: Nikola Benin



  • 13 – 14 September 2016



Science 14 Atrium
Rue de La Science 14b, Brussels (Belgium)

About the course

Erasmus+ Programme aims at supporting projects in the fields of Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for the2014-2020 financing period providing many opportunities for the educational projects that target young people, students, adults, and professionals. The 2-days training is created to empower the participants in acquiring a solid understanding of the funding opportunities as well as professional guidelines in developing project idea for the concrete call for proposals identified by the trainer prior the course. Using interactive methods, the participants are asked to actively take part in the programme, which creates more effective transfer of knowledge and stronger follow-up in terms of successful fundraising through Erasmus+ Programme. The programme will focus on upcoming deadlines in October 2016 and beginning of 2017.

Contact us: info@science.com

Link: www.science14.com       


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