Gaining from volunteering

Author: Nikola Benin


InformaGiovani is looking for 1 volunteer from FRANCE to join our long-term
EVS project “Gaining from volunteering” lasting 1 year, from 06/10/2016 to

The project is already approved by the Italian National Agency.


Volunteer will carry out activity in recreation centre San Giovanni
Apostolo in Palermo, Italy.
San Giovanni Apostolo Onlus is a local Christian church community based in
Palermo, Sicily. With aim to give support to parents, educate, motivate and
encourage children and young adults from disadvantage area. Main objectives
of the community for every children and young adult is to raise individual
development of self-esteem and growth, social awareness and inclusion in
the group by actively encouraging them (and yourself) to be involved in all
The community was founded in 2000 in Palermo by local parents and teachers
from San Giovanni Apostolo Parish, where the main beneficiaries are
children and young adults aged between 6 and 24 years, divided into three
age groups, parents, local schools and community. The main reason of
founding the Association was and still is to fight against high school
drop–off rate, risk of delinquency and / or with multi-problem situation
which could lead to young adult crime.



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