Peace Treaty

Author: Nikola Benin

Die Elster auf dem Galgen. Pieter Bruegel der Ältere, 1568

Peace Treaty is a project with an international scope which comprises a collection of exhibitions, contemporary artistic productions, publications, seminars and conferences on the representation of peace in the history of art, culture and law.

Peace Treaty analyses the relationship between war and peace to understand the symbolic transfers that occurred between both, with the goal of understanding the world and its laws not in order to submit to them, but to make them more hospitable.

In addition, the central exhibition 1516-2016: Peace treaties, which will be held in San Sebastian, is a project that will include seven exhibitions on historical events, a case study, and seven contemporary art productions in various areas such as Alzuza, Bayonne, Bilbao and Vitoria.

After four years of research, which included the project’s first instalment, 1813. Siege, burning and reconstruction of San Sebastian, an important legacy will result. This will include a series of material on the representation of the figure of «Peace», for both researchers and professionals, as well as aficionados and visitors.




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