Fine Food Festival Melbourne

Author: Nikola Benin

Date & Time: Tuesday 13 September 2016, 8:15am – 11am
Venue: Hospitality Suite 2, enter via show floor

Seminar presenters will discuss how producers (especially small producers) of GI products in Europe are able to establish a stronger position in the supply chain, get a better price and a better share of the added value. The advantages for consumers will also be explored, including preventing the over standardization of food and the development of a wider range of product choices. GIs also contribute to providing for consumers’ increasing interest in information on the origin of products and their specifications. Finally, GIs are a powerful tool for rural development allowing rural areas to maintain and increase economic activity.

The seminar will explore the following topics:

8:30 am Welcome remarks
The Hon Philip Dalidakis, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade
Sem Fabrizi, Ambassador of the European Union
8:50 am Introduction to GIs and the European agricultural economy
Mr Ivano Casella, Trade Counsellor, EU Delegation to Australia
9:10 am The benefits of GIs for European producers and rural development
Will Studd, international cheese specialist
9:30 am How the Australian system of wine GIs works and benefits producers
Tony Battaglene, Acting Chief Executive, Winemakers Federation of Australia
9:50 am The potential benefits of a system of food GIs in Australia
Dr Jen Cleary, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide
10:10 am Discussion and questions from the floor
Mr Ivano Casella, Trade Counsellor, EU Delegation
11:00 am Tasting Session – European GI Products

Participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues in more detail with the presenters.

Book your seat

Seating is limited at this event, so if you would like to attend the seminar, please contact the European Union Delegation to Australia before Monday 5 September 2016.


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