Partner search. Innovative business models that are developing in rural areas

Author: Nikola Benin


LIVERUR aims at expanding an extremely innovative business model called Living Labs among the rural regions. Living labs are user-centred, open-innovation ecosystems often operating in a territorial context, integrating concurrent research and innovation process within a public-private partnership. The basis for the strategic development of a rural Living Lab is in establishing a sustainable stakeholder partnership; users, policy-makers, companies, researchers enter into agreements on the basis of which they may engage in longer term collaboration.

Project outputs:

  1. Extensive report on the comparison between entrepreneurial traditional approaches, advantages and disadvantages, and the new revolutionary approach of Living Labs

  2. Strategy for gradual shift toward the Living Lab approach

  3. Training activities for entrepreneurs and regional development energy on the new concept of open innovation and Living Lab approach.

Project results:

  • Deep knowledge of the new approach called Living Labs

  • Implementation of shifting plan from traditional to more innovative approach in the rural sector

  • Increase of entrepreneurs knowledge about rural business models and alternative approaches.



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