EU funding: access EU funds

Author: Nikola Benin



Secure EU funding: access EU funds’ is a masterclass course for all those involved in preparation of proposals to be submitted for funding in any of
the major EU programmes and calls. The participants will have the opportunity to be presented with an overview of EU programming period 2014-2020 through the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and to acquire in depth knowledge of the key issues for EC project selection and identification of suitable calls for their organisations. Moreover, the participants will learn how to build the right partnership for a project proposal and understand the importance of geographical coverage achieved through the consortium. Furthermore, the participants will gain invaluable insight on how they can efficiently draft a proposal as well as the role and responsibilities of everyone involved in the drafting process.


EU funding has become increasingly important for a wide range of organisations and institutions operating in the European Union (EU). It can be safely argued that the vast majority of EU based organisations are currently involved or will be involved in projects and initiatives that are funded by EU; projects related to mobilities funded by Erasmus+ programme, large scaled research projects funded by H2020 or projects related to policy and/or dissemination/exploitation, such as Life+, among others. Therefore, there is an increasing need for individuals and organisations alike to acquire in depth understanding of the principles and mechanisms related to EU funding as well as the skills and competences required to transform an innovative concept to a commercial product and service with the financial assistance of EU funds. SEEU is a masterclass course which can be hugely beneficial for organisations and institutions wishing to enhance human capital and invest in developing and integrating EU funding strategy in the overall business development strategy.

Benefits of SC-SEEU to participants

  • Enhance knowledge with regards to fundamental principles of EU funding
  • Ability to set up an effective and efficient time schedule for drafting a proposal
  • Understand the various stages from concept idea to commercialization of a product or service
  • Identify possible sources of EU funding
  • Acquire skills and competences in building strong and solid partnerships
  • Comprehend the importance of networking & lobbying when it comes to EU funding
  • Draft and submit competitive proposals for EU funding.

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