Partner search. Youth Exchange project

Author: Nikola Benin


Within this project we would like:

  • to discuss the problems of employability of young people having mild mental and behavioural disorders;
  • to share success stories of getting job of people having mental illness;
  • to raise awareness of entrepreneurs about mental illness, to foster them to be more open-minded towards people with psychiatric disorders;
  • to raise self-esteem of young people having psychological, behavioural and emotional disorders;
  • to involve them into social life, to facilitate their adaption in modern society, especially in working life;
  • to demonstrate the importance of life-long learning process.

We would like to host 16 participants + 4 group leaders from 4 countries including Lithuania, we are searching for 3 organisations willing to participate in Youth ;

Deadline 4th October 2016.

For more information please visit



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