Looking for partners. Project about media literacy

Author: Nikola Benin

The goal of our project will be to develop a training-program and to provide media-literacy training for professionals in care settings for persons with (mild) mental disabilities in three membership countries. Not only will professionals be trained in their own digital media literacy competencies but they will also be trained in transferring and embedding these acquired and enhanced competences in their organizations and directly towards clients with (mild) mental disabilities. For reaching this goal we can lean on the expertise we gathered during the Flemmish Mediatrain project, where we developed a training for care workers for marginalized young people.

We are currently still looking for (national or regional) organizations with expertise or training experience in online media literacy, or network organizations that represent organizations in care for persons with (mild) mental disabilities.

If you want to participate or would like some more information, please provide us with some background information about your organization, your specific interest in the project, and the specific expertise you can add to our project.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2842114/2842114-6185051774815076353



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