Open Call for Solar Facilities


Author: Nikola Benin

Free of charge access is offered for high-quality research and industry in the following areas:

  • Solar thermal electricity generation: thermodynamic cycles, receivers, thermal storage, concentrating optics, control algorithms, etc.
  • Solar production of benign chemical energy carriers: H2, Syngas, etc.
  • Cycles for chemical storage of solar energy: ZnO, etc.
  • Solar water treatment: desalination, disinfection, detoxification
  • Research in basic phenomena and nano-material production processes: fullerenes, C-nanotubes, ceramics, etc.
  • Knowledge-based high-added-value material synthesis: ceramics, glass, etc.
  • High-flux photo-chemistry and photo-physics
  • Basic knowledge of materials behaviour and aging under extreme conditions

Deadline  31 January 2017

For more information – Bulletin Project and Fund –


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