Calls for proposals

Author: Nikola Benin



Next project submission deadlines :

September 16, 2016
November 18, 2016

Submitting a proposal

The application process for a EUROGIA2020 project has two stages.

  • 1

    Submit a Project Outline

    The first phase will be to complete and submit a Project Outline.  The project coordinator is invited to present it through an oral presentation in front of the Technical Committee.

    Submit your project

  • 2

    A Full Project Proposal

    Second phase, the applicants will be invited to fill in and submit a Full Project Proposal. Following the evaluation, the Technical Committee will give its recommendations to the EUROGIA Board, who in turn will decide to label the project. With this label, project participants can apply for funding in their respective countries.

The EUROGIA label guarantees that projects are technically sound, innovative, well planned and organized and positively impact the world energy system.

The EUROGIA label represents:
  • Project enrichment due to a dynamic trans-national peer review system
  • Evaluation by both industry and research institutes improves project quality
  • Larger market access potential due to international exposure for projects
  • Projects made more attractive to public funding or venture capitalists
  • The EUROGIA label is a seal of quality




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