Project: Video Streaming Quality Experience to the Business-To-Client (B2C) of video streaming over mobile Markets

Author: Nikola Benin


Proposal Outline:

The year is 2016. Video streaming is all around us via many devices, including our mobile devices, tablets, many computers and TV sets. Yet, when it concerns live video broadcasting or any video longer than 30 minutes, including TV shows and movies, there is still a major technological gap that dramatically withholds the Quality of Experience (“QoE”) for the vast majority of viewers.
VideoFlow’s mission is to migrate its innovative 9-layers Business-To-Business (B2B) solution to the Business-To-Client (B2C) mobile market. VideoFlow’s VAST solution will dramatically improve QoE of viewers when watching video over IP (including via the public Internet) in any form, including live broadcasting. VideoFlow’s solution enables high quality, reliable, uninterrupted and low-delay video delivery over any IP network anywhere on any device.



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