The Balkans Debate Tournament

Nikola Benin


The Balkans Debate Tournament is a project under the exclusivity of Youth Development Group , an international non-governmental organization working in the field of education , environment and entrepreneurship, based in Tirana / Albania.

The Sofia Round is organized in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sports in Bulgaria.

The Balkans Debate Tournament is taking place in 8 Balkans Capitals , completing 8 rounds in total. From each round , 1 team will gain the right to attend to the final round , which will be held in Rome / Italy . The Grand Award of the tournament is 2500 Euros , which means each winner team from each round will compete with each other for the Grand Prize in Italy.

Each Round will have a Jury Panel , which will evaluate teams performance and declare the winner team for each round. The Tirana Round will take place on 17 December 2016 and the venue is Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Keep an eye on: Bulletin Project and fund

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