Nikola Benin.The European Cyber Security. Information Event


Nikola Benin

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important in Horizon 2020. This is evidenced by a contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP) that has been signed by the European Commission and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) in July 2016. The cPPP will trigger up to €1.8 billion of investment by 2020 and is crucial for topics on Cyber Security in Horizon 2020.

This information and networking event provides information on the cPPP and the related cybersecurity topics in Horizon 2020 (DS-06-2017 Cryptography, DS-07-2017 Threads, DS-08-2017 Privacy & Data Protection, SMEInst-13-2016-2017 SME in Security RD).

Target Audience: Researchers from academic and private sectors active in cybersecurity and interested in R&D activities at an international level.



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