Workshop on Synthetic Biology to Biocatalysis

Nikola Benin, PhD


Workshop on bioproduction of high value compounds for cosmetic industry, taking place in Toulouse, France on 22 June 2017.

Biotechnological processes (enzymatic synthesis of biobased chemicals and the fermentative production of biocatalysts or other metabolic products) are becoming core technologies in all industry sectors, energy, materials, foods, pharmacetucials.
Biotechnology in the cosmectics industry can be viewed from different perspectives:

  • development of new cost-effective and environment friendly production processes, as alternatives to chemical processes. Moreover, combining synthetic biology with industrial fermentation technology is used to produce pure active compounds which were traditionally extracted from plant tissues.
  • creation of high performance compounds. For example, biocatalysis can be used to bring additional functionalities to cosmetics compounds, delivering higher value to the industry and superior end-user performance.
  • Polish Technology Platform Bioeconomy (represented by Lodz Technical University) Lodz, Poland

    Prof. Dr. Mrs Beata Kolesinska – – Tel.: + 48 42 631 31 49
    Mrs Ewa Gromek – – Tel.: +48 42 631 38 93


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