Smart Health 2017 Partnering Event

Nikola Benin, PhD


he partnering event, jointly organized with Inartis Network, will take place in the afternoon of the Smart Health conference taking place in Switzerland, Zürich on 29 June 2017. For more information on the Smart Health conference please see here.

To register for the Smart Health conference please click here.

The pre-arranged face-to-face meetings are an excellent opportunity to network in a targeted way and to initiate contacts and projects with other R&D players and industry in the smart health field.

Smart Health 2017 Partnering Event is free of charge but registration and creation of a participation profile is mandatory. Please register on this website for the Partnering Event, and click the green icon above to the right.



  • Smart Health opportunities for SMEs, Start-ups, research institutes and R&D labs
  • Short, sharp 20 minute meetings to foster effective networking and R&D collaborations
  • Interdisciplinary and Cross Industry innovation for the Digital Revolution
  • R&D Funding opportunities with CTI & Euresearch

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