Nikola Benin. Celebrating 30 years Erasmus + around the world

Nikola Benin, PhD
EU Delegations are the eyes and ears of the European Union in non-EU countries worldwide. Run by a mix of Commission officials and staff from EU countries’ foreign ministries, they liaise with national authorities and organisations on policy matters and oversee EU projects focused on ‘their’ country. They also play a role introducing people to Erasmus+ opportunities.

While they do not have a formal role managing Erasmus+, many of our colleagues are doing an amazing job to promote and explain the programme, visiting projects, and networking with students, both before they go to Europe and after their return as alumni. As Erasmus+ provides a clear window to the way the EU can cooperate with third countries, during this anniversary year in particular, Delegations around the world have been busy showcasing Erasmus+ projects and individual testimonies.

Follow the work done by the EU Delegations through 4 examples from different continents:


Federica Mogherini, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, is an Erasmus alumna and is keen to meet fellow alumni during her work in countries worldwide. During her May visit to Chile, the Delegation in Santiago organised a meeting at the Universidad de Chile with over 100 alumni of Erasmus+ programmes and the university staff. The 3 main benefits, as Ms Mogherini sees it?  Real independence and autonomy, belonging to something bigger than your country, and a fresh academic perspective. ‘This combination makes Erasmus one of the best ideas that the EU has ever turned into reality.’



A scholarships fair in Dar es Salaam was the Tanzanian way of celebrating the 30-years anniversary. Around 1,500 young people flocked to the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre on 6 May to learn about study opportunities in a range of EU Member States after an opening ceremony with the EU Ambassador Roeland van de Geer, other European ambassadors, and the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocation Training. Also present were Tanzanian Erasmus+ alumni who did a great job explaining what it means to go to Europe on a study scholarship.


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