Nikola Benin. Eurocultura. OPEN DAY

Nukola Benin, Ph.D

Interaction of colleagues

OPEN DAY 09th – 10th November 2017

Dear colleagues,
autumn is faraway, but this is the right time to schedule the agenda and save the date for Italy! Eurocultura works in Vicenza as hosting organization, both for learners and staff.


  • for almost 20 years we have been organizing successful traineeship programs in the framework of European initiatives such as LLP, ESF and now Erasmus+. Each year we welcome more than 250 trainees from all over Europe
  • since 2010 we have been organizing training courses in specific professional sectors hosting yearly around 100 European experts


If you want to add Italy as destination for your trainees, or if you want to organize a course for your staff come and visit us! On 09th and 10th November 2017 we open the doors and we are pleased to invite you to our Open Day!


Here you can find the agenda and here the registration form.

Eurocultura will be glad to host you for program, lunches and social dinner.

We remind you that these visits can be granted by Erasmus+ program. Contact your National Agency for further information. If you are interested in participating, we will be happy to send you further information about travel and accomodation.

Hoping to see you soon in Vicenza!

Truly yours,

Luciana Levi Bettin


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