European Science Projects in Laboratory Fields

Nikola Benin, PhD


The purpose of the event is to show the Swiss companies, what the European research area is doing in the area of laboratory fields of technology and how Swiss companies can participate in these research programmes. The event is in collaboration with Mr. Patrick Courtney, Euresearch and Toolpoint.

Invitation and programme on the Toolpoint web page.

Registration per email to until 20 September 2017.


09:00: Address of Welcome; Hans Noser, Toolpoint; Stefan Fischer, Euresearch

09:15: Key note Patrick Courtney, tec-connection Head of Laboratory Robotics Topic Group within euRobotics/ European Commission

10:05: Coffee Break

10:30: Testimonial; Case Qiagen TBA

11:00: Enterprise Europe Network – Innovation and Technology Partner Support; Emile Dupont, EEN Euresearch

11:30: Opportunities for Engineering Service Providers in Horizon 2020; Stefan Fischer, Euresearch

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Opportunities in Horizon 2020; Stefan Fischer, Euresearch

13:15: SME Instrument, FET-Open; Gerhard Gass, Euresearch Fast Track to Innovation

14:15: Health; Sasha Hugentobler, Euresearch

14:45: Robotics, IoT, Big Data; Stefan Fischer, Euresearch

15:25: Coffee Break

15:45: Cyber Security; Jöel Graf, Euresearch

16:15: The Active and Assisted TBA Living Program; Roland Büher, SBFI

16:55: End of the Event


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