Microfluidics Matchmaking

Nikola Benin, Ph.D


12-09-2017, 09:00–17:00 in Basel

BaselArea.swiss innovation networks and its partners join forces to organise the Basel Microfluidics Workshop 2017 on 11 September 2017. This one-day workshop will provide critical technological insights and the latest updates on the global microfluidics industry. On the subsequent day, 12 September 2017, a matchmaking event dedicated to microfluidics in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) will take place. The pre-arranged face-to-face meetings offer the opportunity to meet potential partners, to learn about new developments in microfluidics and to initiate future business, technology and R&D cooperation.

Participants from the Netherlands, France and Germany are expected.

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Caravan Tbilisi & Yerevan 2017

Nikola Benin, Ph.D


02 October 2017 to 08 October 2017

If you are intrigued by what contemporary means in today’s Caucasus and thirsty for new bonds and partnerships in the region, join our discovery journey to Tbilisi (from 2 to 4 October) and Yerevan (from 6 to 8 October).

We will start our adventure by getting acquainted with the Georgian art world. In the framework of Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, we will be offered an artistic programme, have ample space for networking with local artists and cultural professionals, and visit key venues in the city.

After a stunning one-day road trip from Tbilisi to Yerevan through the Caucasus mountains and vineyards (5 October), we will dive into the Armenian art world and get introduced to its trends, opportunities and challenges. In the context of HIGH FEST International, we will taste a special sample of performances, meet local art professionals and see the most prominent cultural venues.

Interested? Click on the button below to fill in the application form and explain your motivation to join the caravan. We will get back to you shortly after the deadline.

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Short Film Competition

Nikola Benin, Ph.D


Deadline Extended until September 30, 2017

The William Zard Abou Jaoude International Award is an annual award from the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative (LDI). It seeks to recognize promising young non-professional creators / directors committed to exploring conflicts, dialogue, peace-building, reconciliation, identity, territory, citizenship, and the like. Young directors (18-35 age group) are highly encouraged to participate in this competition and submit their short films. A distinguished panel will review submissions, and the winner will be invited to screen his short film during the 2017 LDI Forum Gala Dinner, which will take place on November 4, 2017 in Lebanon. Screenings will be attended by a diverse audience, comprising LDI members, local and international speakers, government officials, academics, journalists, diplomats, And civil society activists as well as the general public.The winning short film will be screened at prominent LDI events and gatherings around the world and will be used as part of the LDI communication tool. The LDI, a civil society organization officially registered in Lebanon and hosted at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU), is dedicated to petitioning the UN to recognize Lebanon as a land of dialogue between civilizations and cultures and to establish on its territories a UN Universal center for dialogue …

Nikola Benin. GROW your REGIOn conference

Nikola Benin, PhD


he 2nd edition of the ‘Grow your region’ conference will take place in Valencia, Spain, on 8 and 9 November. Save the date! The event is co-organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-Generals for ‘Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs’ and for ‘Regional and Urban Policy’, in cooperation with the Valencia Regional Authority

GROW your REGIOn’ is an opportunity to:

  • share your smart specialisation and cluster experience and practices
  • exchange ideas about future actions for smart interregional collaboration
  • learn about novel ways of supporting innovation and accelerating industrial modernisation and SME growth

The conference will use an innovative approach, where the audience will be invited to actively contribute, collaborate and co-create, following the first edition from 2015 in Brussels.

Registration for this conference will open in September. The event’s draft agenda is also attached. Please find more details on the event here.

Industrial Innovation Information Days 2017

Nikola Benin, PhD


The Industrial Innovation Info Days will be the perfect occasion for applicants to learn more about upcoming challenges in the Horizon 2020 area of Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP). The event will be held in Brussels on 3-4 October 2017.

The European Commission is organising the Industrial Innovation Info Days 2017, with  support of external stakeholders. Panel sessions will focus on upcoming challenges for the next Work Programme 2018-2020 on Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP). Networking and matchmaking activities will offer the possibility to present your project ideas during the brokerage sessions.

For more information see here. Seats are limited, register here.

International Master in European Project Planning and Management, 6th edition

Nikola Benin, Ph.D


The objective of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management is to provide participants with the skills to successfully work in the field of European cooperation, through the use of fundings made available by the European Commission.

The coordinator, of the Master course is Pixel an international education and training institution based in Florence (Italy) having as its main aim the provision of support to European Cooperation for public and private organizations. Pixel has been involved in planning and managing over 85 European projects so far.

The trainers involved have 15 to 25 years of experience in planning, managing, assessing and auditing European projects. The trainers involved are: senior European project planners, senior European project managers, officers of the European Commission, officers of the National Agencies managing European Programmes, evaluators for the European Commission and the National Agencies, auditors of European projects etc.

The Master course’s programme is organized in two main modules:

  • European Project Planning;
  • European Project Management.

The International Master in European Project Planning and Management has a total duration of 5 months (800 hours). For the first two months the master course is held at Pixel site, in Florence (Italy), Monday through Friday, full time.  In the following three months, the international internship is organized.

The three months internship is an integral part of the Master. The internship provides the Master’s participants with the opportunity to work as an Assistant European Project Manager in an organization, with long experience in planning and managing European projects. The host organizations are based throughout Europe.

The sixth edition of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management starts on 16 October 2017.

There are 7 good reasons why this Master should be chosen:

  • The practical focus of the training contents;
  • The skills, experience and expertise of the international teaching staff;
  • The skills, experience and expertise of the coordinator of the Master;
  • The practical project planning and management activities organized in the Master’s framework;
  • The international internship with the role of assistant European project manager.
  • The international environment of the Master.

The participants in the master course come from all over the world.  More than 80% of the students involved in the five previous editions are now working as European project managers.

For further information on the European Project Planning and Management Master course, please contact:

Training Course Secretariat
Via Luigi Lanzi 12 – 50134 Firenze
Tel. 055-48 97 00 – Fax. 055-462 88 73
e-mail: master-epm@pixel-online.net

Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/2017/07/04/international-master-european-project-planning-management-6th-edition/#ixzz4pAY96pqp

European Week of Regions and Cities

Nikola Benin, PH.D


Participation in the EWRC is free of charge.
 Registration for Brussels-based seminars is open until 30 September.
 Access to the European Week of Regions and Cities 2017 is upon registration only. Note that no
on-site registration will be accepted
 Group registrations are not possible.
 It is not possible to register several persons with the same e-mail address.
Registration Procedure
 Step 1: Selection of workshops
Go to the workshop agenda page .
You are invited to browse through the agenda of the workshops by day or use the online
« Search » tool to identify the events you may be interested in attending: enter key words,
themes, names of speakers, program codes or dates. Click on each day to see the result of your
Click on the workshop number or the text menu box to read the workshop description.
Then select the workshops you wish to attend by ticking the appropriate box.
Please note: By using the search tool, your selection will be cleared. Don’t use the search
function once you have started your selection or it will be lost.
The number of workshops you can apply for is not restricted.
However, you cannot apply for several workshops taking place at the same moment!
The workshops which are fully booked are indicated with the following symbol:
 Step 2: Application
Once you made your choice of workshop(s), please click on « Apply » in the upper left
corner (do not click on My applications). If you have selected workshops taking place at the
same time, you have to click on the reset button and start a new selection.
On the next page please enter your email address and click on « Submit ».
If you have already completed your personal data on this website previously and if you want to
apply to other workshops, your email address will be recognized by the system and you can skip
step 3. We recommend therefore to use only 1 email address per person for
Please note that it is not possible to register several persons with the same email address.
 Step 3: Personal data.
Fill in your personal data. Please note that you will need to indicate your ID/passport details for
security reasons.
Once the form is completed, click on « Submit ».
 Step 4: Acknowledgement of request(s).
You will receive an automatic email acknowledging receipt of your request(s). Please note that
this automatic message is not a confirmation of participation.
 Step 5: Acceptance/rejection email.
Within 2 weeks after application you will be informed on whether or not you can attend the
selected workshop(s). You will receive a separate email for each request either accepting or
rejecting your application.
The decision to accept or to refuse your request(s) is taken by the organisers of each
workshop and depends on different criteria: e.g. number of available seats, target public,
balanced representation of countries and organisations, etc.
Please check your spam folder regularly.
By clicking on « My Applications » you can always check the status of your requests.
 Step 6: Summary of workshops
Beginning of October you will receive an email with the final list of your applications showing
the status (accepted / rejected).
 Step 7: Final confirmation
One week before the event, you will receive a specific email which includes your accreditation
bar code. Please print this email and show it to the welcome desk to receive your badge (see
During the event, you will need a personal badge for identification and registration
purposes, valid throughout the event. Badges will be handed out from Monday 9
October at two welcome desks:
Committee of the Regions
Rue Belliard 101,
Jacques Delors building
Metro station: Maelbeek (lines 1 and
Opening hours:
Monday 09 October: 09:00 – 18:30
Tuesday 10 October: 08:00 – 18:30
Wednesday 11 October: 08:00 –
Thursday 12 October: 08:00 –
European Commission
Rue de la Loi 170,
Charlemagne building
Metro station: Schuman (lines 1 and
More information
For further information, please contact the Secretariat:
Functional mailbox: contact@ewrc.eu
Hotline: +32(0)2 502 06 15