Nikola Benin. CALL PARTNERS KA105 Digital Entrepreneurship

erasmusplusKA105 Digital Entrepreneurship
KA105 Strengthening Young People’s Decision-Making Skills
They are Training Course for Youth Workers


Nikola Benin. Information Event Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

Nikola Benin, PhD


This event will provide information on the funding opportunities provided by the European Framework Programme for research and innovation « Horizon 2020 » in the domains of “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials” (Societal Challenge 5).


12:40–12:45 Welcome
12:45–13:15 H2020-upcoming calls in the area of “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials”
Judith Zbinden – NCP Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials, Euresearch Network Office Bern
13:15–13:25 Project participant testimony
Prof. Q-H.Dao Adjunct Professor at the department of geography and environment, Geneva School of Social Sciences
13:25–13:45 Discussion Session
13:45–14:30 Lunch Networking



30, quai Ansermet


1205 Genève


Nikola Benin. Partner Search for ICT

Nikola Benin, PhD


Proposal Outline: The Consortium will develop and validate a new generation of cost effective miniature IoT sensors and technological platform that will enable personal emotions estimation and health monitoring. The SESEM platform will be able to integrate different technologies across multiple fields including multimodal sensing, advanced processing, secure wireless communication to the back end for storage and big data analysis capability.

The project will develop improved sensing modules including cost effective miniaturisation, improved manufacturing process and leading to high performance in specificity/sensitivity, reliability, time to results and manufacturability. The SESEM platform will use modular approaches enabling integration of standard and new components and interfaces. The development will improve issues like portability, wearability, biocompatibility, operation in remote and low power consumption for sensing modules.

User needs, market oportunities and business cases will be analyzed and addressed in the proposal. Issues related to security, safety, privacy, standardisation, interoperability, certification, life cycle, regulation compliance and ethics will be considered.

The project will demonstrate innovative, useful, market driven, sustainable smart system platform prototype/s that will be useful for professionals and the future end users.

Organisation:GARD Ltd

Nikola Benin. Swiss Nordic Bio 2018

Nikola Benin, PhD


Thursday 08 February 2018

Zürich, Switzerland

The Swiss Nordic Bio 2018 is organized by the Nordic countries in cooperation with Swiss partners. During this high-level partnering and investor conference, Swiss and Nordic biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as investors meet in one-to-one meetings and present themselves in plenum. The goal of the conference and by means of the Swiss-Nordic focus is to establish new contacts and networks.


Deadlines Tasks
05 Feb 2018 Registration and profile submission
08 Jan – 05 Feb 2018 Online selection of bilateral meetings
08 Feb 2018 Bilateral meetings


Contact person in Switzerland Nicolas Lentze          +41 (0)31 380 60 28
Participant list Search Online
Event language English

Participant fee

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Nikola Benin. Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy

Nikola Benin, PhD


“Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy” unit of DG CONNECT launched a survey, asking potential European centres of excellence/expertise in cybersecurity to register and provide information before 15 February 2018. The results will be translated into a “Cybersecurity Atlas” that will be made publicly available.

Context: It is in the EU’s strategic interest to ensure that the EU retains and develops the essential capacities to secure its digital economy, society and democracy. To achieve that the EU needs to make a better use of its research and innovation capacities spread across the EU.

As a first step in this direction, the European Commission is conducting a mapping of the existing centres of expertise in the field of cybersecurity (e.g. university department, research centre, etc). The results of this mapping will be translated into a “Cybersecurity Atlas” (an index of existing EU cybersecurity Centres) that will be made publicly available. This Atlas aims at becoming a valuable tool and a reference for the cybersecurity community to look for potential partners and pool resources.

How to register your organisation: The registration tool allows your organisation to share information about your cybersecurity work, expertise as well as your contact details.

Filling in the survey should take between 20 minutes and one hour depending on the level of details you wish to share. The registration tool will be open until 15 February 2018. We thank you for your cooperation! Please do not hesitate to share information about the registration tool with your partners and any other relevant stakeholders!

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Nikola Benin. GOAL Closing Conference


Publication: Nikola Benin, PhD

“Guidance and counselling for low educated adults: from practice to policy”
17-18 January 2018, Egmont Palace, Brussels
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Nikola Benin. Application Workshop for Creative Europe




Application Workshop for Creative Europe Cooperation Projects – Birmingham


14 Nov 2017, 1:30PM – 5:00PM

Booking details: 

Free, booking essential


Birmingham Hippodrome, Hurst Street, Southside, Birmingham, B5 4TB

A free workshop aimed at organisations applying for Creative Europe’s Cooperation Projects funding opportunity in 2017.

Join us for a step-by-step guide through the application writing process ahead of the application deadline for Creative Europe’s Cooperation Projects. The workshop is primarily for organisations applying to this funding opportunity as project lead, but can also be useful to those applying as a partner.

Stephanie Grant and Christoph Jankowski from Creative Europe Desk UK will offer support and guidance around the technical and content requirements for a successful application.

The workshop will only make sense for those organisations who are planning to put in an application. Please read the details provided on the Eventbrite booking page and if you are new to Creative Europe, contact us first to check your suitability. For more information about how to prepare for your application please read this article on our website.

If you have registered and are unable to attend, it is important that you let us know in advance so that we can reallocate your ticket.